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My 4 favorite Asperger’s, Autism and PDD related websites – so far:

1. OASIS (Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support): This is an all around good jumping off point. This site has a decent, though not the best explanation of Asperger’s Syndrome. I like them best for their links to other sites. … Continue reading

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All about me…

At running the risk of being overly simplistic, I would say I was raised to measure myself by my achievements.  Good grades at school, a clean room, appropriate dress, proper etiquette, etc.  Meeting outside standards assured me of my worth.  … Continue reading

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Pants, Powder and Awkward conversations

Daniel doesn’t want to have to wear underwear anymore.His sensory integration issues include mild tactile sensitivity. Daniel has always hated wearing underwear, which are sometimes distractingly uncomfortable to him. An underwear rule was put into effect last spring.I was sitting … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Mind…

One of my favorite movies is “A Beautiful Mind”.  The story of John Forbes Nash’s brilliant mind and his struggles with schizophrenia is not only heart warming but has also been a key to my perspective with Daniel. The key … Continue reading

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