We live in Florida. Florida has train tracks but not many trains. Most transportation is by water or by tractor-trailers. There is a certain abandoned and overgrown track on the way to the airport. The first time we drove past this track, Daniel asked about the overgrowth. I explained that trains are not often used in Florida anymore, so that track was just left to be grown over. Now every time we drive past the deserted track we have the same conversations.

“Mom, do you think that maybe some day in the future they will start using the train tracks again.”

“I don’t know. Maybe.”

“Well, you never know. Maybe someday they will. Like, in other places. Like in California,” Daniel speculates.

“Oh! Up north and in California, they do use trains all the time,” I clarify.

“Well, you never know. They might and they might not.”

Now, I am just confused. “No, Daniel. In other areas of the country they use trains all the time. They will continue to use them. They have never stopped using them. Just Florida doesn’t use them very much. However, I think there are some trains in Florida, just not on that track.” I cringe, because I am pretty sure I have just given him too many options and information.

“Well, mom, you never know. They might use trains in California and they might not,” Daniel continues as if I have not said anything.

“Actually, I know they use trains in California. I have seen them.”

“But mom, someday they might use them again in California.”

And so it goes, ever single time we pass the tracks, Daniel’s ongoing speculation about the future of rail travel in various parts of the country. I am still not sure if he understands that there has never been a cessation of train travel in most parts of the country. However, he optimistically speculates that some day trains will travel again in California, or Colorado, or Texas, or Illinois, or…..


About aspergersmom

I am a 35 year old woman. I am the wife of an amazing man, who keeps me sane. As a recent California/Florida transplant to the midwest and the mother to a combined family of 6 children; 3 boys, 3 girls, my life is an adventure. I blog and raise our family with my best friend.
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One Response to Trains

  1. Wow so nice to have come across a blog that I can relate to:)
    my blog a boy with Aspergers is based on parenting a child with Aspergers. All about my amazing 8yr old boy. He has a great interest with trains and buses he loves the doors and the way they work. he knows most the stops on London train routes and can tell you where most of the buses go. If you ever fell like checking out any of my post on my blog then fab. I have posted a few post on little G (my son ) interest:)

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