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Chocolate Milk was the big treat this weekend. A puppy dog look and polite, “please” from a well behaved three-year-old at the store on Saturday melted my heart and I bought a box of Nestle Quick Mix. Everyone had a … Continue reading

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Giving Away Your Power

We only have power where we have responsibility. Daniel gives away his power regularly. Actually, I think a lot of us do, but it is easy to see in Daniel. “I only hit Robert because he makes me mad. He … Continue reading

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Funny Friday…

A page from Daniel’s Journal: And under the paper: (Interpretation: “I heard in a newspaper, a middle school music teacher drove (drived) drunk the fourth time.)

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An Unexpected Outlet

Daniel started a diary this week. I was surprised and delighted. I have tried to get him to journal before and been met with complete resistance. When he discovered he liked The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, I bought … Continue reading

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Daniel’s Diary

Daniel asked me to buy him a diary. Well, actually, he asked me to buy him a composition book. The black and white ones that we used to use in English class in high school. Turns out, now they come … Continue reading

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