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The Latest in Diagnosis: Baby Babbling? A research study out of the University of Memphis has developed a computer program that has potentially identified differences in the speech patterns of typical and autistic babies and children. Since early intervention is a key to success with … Continue reading

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Welcome back to school!

Today, the Autism Support Network published an article on Developing long term relationships between school and parents The article was written to the professionals, but I think it is good for parents to remember their rights and responsibilities in these … Continue reading

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Video: I’m an aspie kid – read blog cos I forgot a few things

Watch here: Video: Stephen discusses his Asperger’s | Autism Support Network or here: I have tried to describe Daniel, the way he moves, the way he speaks and the content of his speech. This kid is so much like Daniel … Continue reading

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Hartley’s First Things First

I recently discovered, Hartley’s Life with 3 Boys. I am inspired by her knowledge and dedication. I am really enjoying her series on Back To School, Hartley’s IEP Guide and especially her series on First Things First. In her series … Continue reading

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It is Time for Saturday Evening Blog Post

I have decided to participate again in Elizabeth Esther’s Saturday Evening Blog Post. This month was a stressful month. As a result, my ability to spend time really pulling together an awesome post has been limited. This made it hard … Continue reading

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