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Addressing the Problem of the Aid

After my last IEP meeting, it was obvious that there was a need for an aid in Daniel’s Science class. With 50% of the 22 students being special needs students, I was shocked to discover the teacher didn’t already have … Continue reading

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From the Autism Support Network – How to become an advocate

It is the start of the new school year and as a parent to a special needs child, I am getting back into the role of advocate for my child. It is not that I don’t advocate for my child … Continue reading

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How to Participate Effectively in a School Meeting for Your Special Needs Child…. or the story of my first IEP meeting of the year

There were five woman sitting around the table in the conference room. We were here to discuss whether or not Daniel should remain in a standard Science class or be moved to a self contained ESE class. We began by … Continue reading

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From: Life with Aspergers: The Drug Bandwagon

I regularly read the blog, Life with Aspergers. I appreciate that the man writing the blog not only is dealing with the syndrome himself but is also raising children on the spectrum. He also is pretty balanced and easy to … Continue reading

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My Summer Delimna or the Long Story of Daniel’s School

This summer was very difficult for me. Summer is a difficult time of year for me anyways. Daniel and Robert are home and usually at each others’ throats. They have that uniquely fraternal knack for pushing buttons. The energy level … Continue reading

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Autism and Tea for Two

I really loved reading “Autism and Tea for Two” by AKButler.  This mother’s description of watching her younger, typical son hitting developmental milestones his older brother was still working on. This is something I have experienced often in the past, … Continue reading

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Insights about Autism from an Autistic

I like this video mainly because of the star. It is interesting to hear about the struggle of Autism from the inside.  Just watching him speaking reminds me of the beauty of a mind being able to surmount struggles to … Continue reading

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