From the Autism Support Network – How to become an advocate

It is the start of the new school year and as a parent to a special needs child, I am getting back into the role of advocate for my child. It is not that I don’t advocate for my child on a regular basis but it definitely takes on a more formal role during the school year. It is a challenge.

I enjoyed the Article posted today at the Autism Support Network on How to Become an Advocate for Your Child. If you are new to the position of advocate, this is a good basic overview. If you have been doing this for a while, it is a good reminder of what it means and what it required of an advocate. As a parent, it is easy to blur the line of advocate, parent and caregiver. This article reminds me to honor the requirements of an advocate by staying organized, proactive, prepared and informed.


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I am a 35 year old woman. I am the wife of an amazing man, who keeps me sane. As a recent California/Florida transplant to the midwest and the mother to a combined family of 6 children; 3 boys, 3 girls, my life is an adventure. I blog and raise our family with my best friend.
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