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Authentic Emotions

Every parent of a child on the spectrum struggles with the emotional disconnect of their child. It is not the emotions don’t exist, but our children struggle to express them appropriates, empathize with emotions in others, or moderate their own … Continue reading

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Today in the Autism Support Network Newsletter: The Meaning of Advocacy

Today, in The Autism Support Network there was an article entitled: The Meaning Of Advocacy by Jeff Katz. Jeff and his wife, Karen blog at Mission of Complex: Our Journey Through Hyperlexia about their 20 year old son Nate. Nate … Continue reading

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Because Doing a Great Job Doesn’t Always Feel Great

Here is the thing about doing a great job every day, it doesn’t feel great. People tell me that I am doing a great job. Maybe they are just trying to be encouraging. Who wants to tell a mother with … Continue reading

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Evil Glee: Confessions of a Special Needs Parent

I don’t know about everyone else, but I would love to picture myself as Mother Teresa – always caring, always giving, never jealous, never envious and never, ever, ever comparing myself or my child with others. Confession: I am not … Continue reading

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The End of the Cool Mom…

I remember a time when I was cool. At least, my son thought so. He liked going to the store with me. He thought I was funny. Being cool to my son was a nice balance to the struggles. Yesterday … Continue reading

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I married Bob Newhart

This was my husband’s facebook status late last month: “Scott ******** – Much of the time I feel like Bob in the Newhart show – the only sane person in the skit, wandering around befuddled and not really sure what … Continue reading

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