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Sibling Rivalry

Robert turned 10 this month. Robert gets lost in the shuffle, I think. At least, that is what I worry. He is my youngest boy. and is 2 and a half years younger then Daniel. I think he may have … Continue reading

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Be Merry and Bright!

Some of the things that have lightened my holiday season: Daniel comes out and says, “You know, let’s say if a serial killer came into our house. Right now, we wouldn’t have anything to protect us. Well, now, we have … Continue reading

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Attention Parents! You are vital….

I ran across the headline: “For LGBT teens, acceptance is critical“. I have always been interested in the struggle of LGBT teens because I see many parallels with Aspies. They are differentiated by something that they are born with and … Continue reading

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Advice to my Aspie son on the way to his first dance

Friday was Daniel’s first dance. I was caught off-guard that it came up so quickly. Thursday night, he brought the permission slip. He was very excited. I was very nervous. I was nervous because I didn’t know what Daniel’s expectations … Continue reading

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Are Empty Niceties Really Empty?

On December 2, I read “Imagine A World Where Aspergers Was The Norm“. I really enjoyed viewing the things that are often referred to as Aspie struggles from a different point of view. I especially liked, “Teens who live for … Continue reading

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