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Mental Illness in an Aspie

This post is not about whether or not Asperger’s Syndrome is a mental illness. I have already briefly touched on my gut response to that subject before. My question now is how to identify a mental illness in a teen who … Continue reading

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“Please Help Me…”

“Mom, this is just too much.” Daniel’s head sagged and his shoulders curled inward. His voice was more weary then sad. My step-kids arrive today and the energy level in the house has been high all week. I spent yesterday whirling around … Continue reading

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Finding a New Doctor

A move means finding a new doctor. I hate looking for doctors. Finding a doctor requires a lot of research. Usually I love research. However I like the kind of research I can do via the internet and I have … Continue reading

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Because Bullying Comes in Many Forms

I saw the link to this video first on twitter. Later I read about it on Yahoo. Finally, I watched it. It is heart breaking. The father here embodies every parent’s, but particularly a parent of a child on the … Continue reading

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Understanding Strengths…. why I don’t homeschool

The last two weeks, I have spent a significant amount of time communicating with Daniel’s school. There have been emails and phone conversations about low grades, missing assignments, mis-communication and lack of agreed upon communication. I have spent several hours … Continue reading

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My favorite tips for Meltdown Control:

Note: I apologize for this post being late. I had this post completely finished yesterday afternoon and my internet connection glitched and I lost 50% of this post.  Reading Gavin Bollard’s article, Adult Meltdowns and Problems of Restraint, prompted me to ask … Continue reading

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Coming Up: Tips for Preventing, Controlling, and Recovering from a Meltdown

I had a great time tweeting, posting, and “talking” virtually, about how to prevent, control and recover from meltdowns. Tomorrow, I will have a list of my favorite ideas. Thanks again to everyone who gave me input. I will be … Continue reading

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