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Daniel usually seems ungrateful. His abrupt and stark evaluation of life is sometimes startling, even after nearly 15 years as his mother. Daniel is sure to mention all the aspects of any process, even the unpleasant aspects. He gives each … Continue reading

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Rites of Passage

I follow Mark’s Daily Apple. I find the Primal/Paleo diet a great resource for healthy eating as well as gluten-free and often, casien-free recipes. Mark Sesson writes about more than just food. He also writes about the difference between modern lifestyles … Continue reading

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Mental Illness in My Aspie

My grandmother’s sister committed suicide when she was in her 30’s. To my knowledge, she was never formally diagnosed with a mental illness but a forensic analysis by family, through conversations with medical professionals, has led us to believe she … Continue reading

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Because it’s not just Asperger’s….

Because it’s not just Aspergers… School always highlights the struggles of having a high functioning child. Daniel seems pretty normal. Maybe I am just saying that because I am his mother and around him all the time and so he … Continue reading

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