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Creating Space – Lesson 2

I have a confession to make, I sometimes read the end of a book if it gets too intense. I don’t read enough to completely ruin the story, but just enough to know if the character I am invested in … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Love

This is a picture of my mother, taken when she was about 10 years younger than I am right now. My mother is magical. Everyone who meets her loves her, but particularly children. She seems to to always understand and … Continue reading

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7 Asperger’s Superpowers

There are advantages to the neurological differences of being a person on the spectrum. Here are 7 of your atypical child’s superpowers: Single-minded focus: The lecture on the origins of Slenderman during dinner clean up last night was tedious but my … Continue reading

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Quality Input = Quality Output

When I start to get a cold, I take more zinc because zinc supports my challenged immune system. Raising a child with Asperger’s is in some ways like getting a cold. Daily, I am challenged not only as a parent … Continue reading

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