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X-Ray Vision – the Key to Dealing with My Teenage Aspie

Even in the NT world, teenagers are famous for having a self-centered perspective. I am sure there are plenty of NT teens out there who view their parents as hypocritical, selfish, or even lazy. Teenagers are not known for the … Continue reading

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Do You Regret Having Your Aspie Child?

A week ago, I had a very painful and difficult interaction with my teen-age, Aspie Son over  the ordinary chore of putting away the washed dishes. This escalated quicker than normal into a rather violent outburst. He screamed unkind and … Continue reading

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Life is Now – Lesson 3

As a parent to an atypical child, I find myself spending a large part of life living in the future or the past. I come by it honestly. Having a child that will respond to life atypically or have unique … Continue reading

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Tiny Twinkles

Yesterday I was getting ready for my daughter’s 5-year-old birthday party. I had purchased two boxes of cake mix in some masochistic idea of making her birthday cake. I had sliced strawberries and made chocolate frosting. The first layer of … Continue reading

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