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Meltdowns v. Antisocial Behavior

“Fuck this!” my son screams at me, “I am so over this! This is what you get and you will handle it!” He rants on, becoming more and more disrespectful and abusive. Daniel is having a meltdown. However, most people … Continue reading

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The Connecticut School Shooting and Autism

Yesterday, a 20 year old man walked into an elementary school and killed 20 children and 6 adults. The story is heartrending and tragic beyond discription. My heart aches for the parents and families of those who died. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Mental Illness in My Aspie

My grandmother’s sister committed suicide when she was in her 30’s. To my knowledge, she was never formally diagnosed with a mental illness but a forensic analysis by family, through conversations with medical professionals, has led us to believe she … Continue reading

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Because Bullying Comes in Many Forms

I saw the link to this video first on twitter. Later I read about it on Yahoo. Finally, I watched it. It is heart breaking. The father here embodies every parent’s, but particularly a parent of a child on the … Continue reading

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Understanding Strengths…. why I don’t homeschool

The last two weeks, I have spent a significant amount of time communicating with Daniel’s school. There have been emails and phone conversations about low grades, missing assignments, mis-communication and lack of agreed upon communication. I have spent several hours … Continue reading

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Coming Up: Tips for Preventing, Controlling, and Recovering from a Meltdown

I had a great time tweeting, posting, and “talking” virtually, about how to prevent, control and recover from meltdowns. Tomorrow, I will have a list of my favorite ideas. Thanks again to everyone who gave me input. I will be … Continue reading

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Happy Autism Awareness Day!

Today is National Autism Awareness Day. Autism impacts my family every day but today was our first IEP meeting at a new school district. A first time IEP with a new team is basically a review of all the ways … Continue reading

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