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Humor in the IEP Process

It is IEP season in our home. We have meetings, conferences and Functional Behavioral Assessments. This is a stressful season for me. Today, I saw this on Facebook. I think I will be using this technique to deal with the … Continue reading

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Advice to my Aspie son on the way to his first dance

Friday was Daniel’s first dance. I was caught off-guard that it came up so quickly. Thursday night, he brought the permission slip. He was very excited. I was very nervous. I was nervous because I didn’t know what Daniel’s expectations … Continue reading

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The End of the Cool Mom…

I remember a time when I was cool. At least, my son thought so. He liked going to the store with me. He thought I was funny. Being cool to my son was a nice balance to the struggles. Yesterday … Continue reading

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