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To Medicate or Not To Medicate? That is the Question…..

Medication for children is a hotly debated topic. I am not an expert. I cannot tell you if medication is right for you, your child or your family. I would like to share our personal experience. Background I grew up eating … Continue reading

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“Please Help Me…”

“Mom, this is just too much.” Daniel’s head sagged and his shoulders curled inward. His voice was more weary then sad. My step-kids arrive today and the energy level in the house has been high all week. I spent yesterday whirling around … Continue reading

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Finding a New Doctor

A move means finding a new doctor. I hate looking for doctors. Finding a doctor requires a lot of research. Usually I love research. However I like the kind of research I can do via the internet and I have … Continue reading

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From: Life with Aspergers: The Drug Bandwagon

I regularly read the blog, Life with Aspergers. I appreciate that the man writing the blog not only is dealing with the syndrome himself but is also raising children on the spectrum. He also is pretty balanced and easy to … Continue reading

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