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Rites of Passage

I follow Mark’s Daily Apple. I find the Primal/Paleo diet a great resource for healthy eating as well as gluten-free and often, casien-free recipes. Mark Sesson writes about more than just food. He also writes about the difference between modern lifestyles … Continue reading

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Finding a New Doctor

A move means finding a new doctor. I hate looking for doctors. Finding a doctor requires a lot of research. Usually I love research. However I like the kind of research I can do via the internet and I have … Continue reading

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Little House on the Prairie

It has been a while since I have posted anything. Since March of 2011, I have posted barely a handful of times. The last year and a half have been a very stressful and intense time in our family’s life. … Continue reading

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Sexuality in my Asperger’s Son

Today, I read this article on CNN: Study: Girls take more chances during first sex. We have 6 children – three boys and three girls ranging from 17 down to 2 and a half. We are in the middle of just … Continue reading

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The End of the Cool Mom…

I remember a time when I was cool. At least, my son thought so. He liked going to the store with me. He thought I was funny. Being cool to my son was a nice balance to the struggles. Yesterday … Continue reading

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My Summer Delimna or the Long Story of Daniel’s School

This summer was very difficult for me. Summer is a difficult time of year for me anyways. Daniel and Robert are home and usually at each others’ throats. They have that uniquely fraternal knack for pushing buttons. The energy level … Continue reading

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Aspie College and Employment

South Wales in the United Kingdom is opening a College geared specifically for students with Asperger’s Syndrome. According to the National Autistic Society in the UK, the unemployment rate for people with Asperger’s Syndrome is close to 85% regardless of … Continue reading

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